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Viniculture & Tradition

In 1529 the "Weindörfl am Mitterberg" was pillaged by the Turks. Subsequently this area was given the tavern-privilege by Empress Maria Theresia. At St. Mary’s column nearby Ferdinand Raimund - the famous poet of the "Verschwender" and the "Hobellied" - has sworn in 1821 eternal loyalty to his beloved Toni Wagner.

Franz Bachmann, born in 1828, purchased the land and built up the todays well known family business. In 1979 his great-grandson Hans Zimmermann and his wife Hermine built the new "Weinhof Zimmermann" according to the plans of Prof. Walter von Hoesslin.

Franz Zimmermanns son - Heinz Zimmermann - the nowadays owner of the Weinhof attended the wine school in Krems. He is responsible for organic viticulture, the work in the wine cellar and for the perfect vinification. In the vineyard much emphasis is placed on quality-oriented trim. Only healthy grapes will be expanded in the wine cellar for a good "Tröpferl".

Basically Heinz Zimmermann tries to create the best possible quality from the vineyard to the bottle, with an emphasis on the preservation of fruit and varietal character. The focus of wine varieties is on following white wines: Weißer Burgunder, Rheinriesling, Grüner Veltliner, Chardonay, Gelber Muskateller and Malvasier (an old Vienniese Wine Variety). Following red wine varieties are vinified as quality wine: Zweigelt and Blauburger.

Organic Viticulture

  • Spring - Green harvesting is used to remove tiny, immature grapes to produce a better quality of wine. Between every second row the soil is loosened mechanically.
  • Summer - Each vine is cut specifically.
  • Autumn - In the grapezone the leaves are removed by hand. This is important to get more sun on the grapes left on the vine. When the grapes are wet after rainfall the removing of the leaves let the grapes dry faster. No fungal attack and no pests will get a chance to occur.
    In these days the quality and the sugar level rises. Every day the wine grower is out in the vineyard to decide which date is the best to start harvesting.
    Harvesting is made by hand to get just the best grapes without leaves in the process of vinification.
  • Winter - The vine is cut professional to get better quality than quantity.
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